Houseplants / Pottery

Here you will find everything you need for the indoor garden:

– Planters & Pots (organized first by size and then by color)

– Plants! These will be organized into groups by their sunlight needs

– Planting materials, tools and products for the gardener


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Planters and Pots: Sprout Home features pottery from near and far, from locally made in Chicago and the Midwest, around the country to global trends and classic styles.


Planters: the smallest (<4)”


Planters: diameters 4″ – 6″


Planters: diameters 6″ – 8″


Planters: diameters 8″ – 10″


Planters: diameters 10″ – 12″


Planters: the largest (>12″)


Hanging Planters:


Plant Stands:


Houseplants: There’s a plant for every location, as long as some natural light is available!


Plants for direct sun rays
In our local climate: Western or Southern exposure:


Plants for gentle sun / Eastern (morning) sun or filtered sun rays:


Plants for very bright, but indirect natural light:


Plants for ambient, indirect natural light:


Plants that tolerate soft, minimal natural light:



Garden gear: Soils, materials and other tools and tips!


Hudson Valley Seed Company features hard-to-find seeds from their own organic farms, promoting healthy land stewardship and promoting crop diversity with these seed offerings. Each pack features unique artwork and artist information. Shown are gift packs and popular items, but you can also click here to view our full seed library.



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