Private Classes

We offer a selection of classes that cater to private events. Private classes cost $150 per participant with an eight participant minimum. Most classes last about an hour but if your group would like to socialize a bit longer extra time can be purchased for $50 a half hour. Feel free to outfit your class with food and beverages. A class date can be reserved once a fifty percent deposit is made. The types of private classes we offer are as follows:


Each guest will be provided with glassware, plants and decor. Participants will each build a terrarium to take away from the event – glassware is a 10×10″ sphere with side opening for uniquely displayed plants.


No experience necessary: Dive into the art of floral design focusing on bloom and stem selection and preparation as well as hands-on instruction to help you style a magnificient floral piece. All participants will be provided with a vessel and the freshest floral.


Standard wreath forms will be used as a base for foliage additions. Focus will be on fragrance and a graceful drying process. The result: A scented wreath for the home or doorway to include (but not limited to) Eucalyptus, Bay leaf, Rosemary, Cedar, Lavender, and other botanicals.

Please contact us for further information.