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Mixed and poured by hand in Chicago: Sprout Home soy wax candles by EINNIM capture the experience of stepping into our garden shop or our floral shop. Entirely natural and ethical: Two custom scents will bring to mind the fresh greens or beautiful petals each of our storefronts has to offer. This vessel may also be repurposed for a casual floral vase.


Soy-based candles allow for a clean burn, as well as an enhanced level of fragrance. These candles are made from domestically and sustainably grown soybeans and hand poured in NY state. Each candle includes a set of wooden matches and will have a 80-hour burn time.  $40        (Listed Below)


Sprout Home Exclusive: Soy-based candle – This candle carries the light and familiar scent of a lush oasis, your neighborhood garden and floral destination: Sprout Home! 50 hour burn time – $32      (Listed Below)


Soy-based candles allow for a clean burn, as well as an enhanced level of fragrance. These candles are hand-poured. From Harlem, with Love:  6oz – $18 / 11oz – $32        (Listed Below)


Village Common: These Soy & Coconut base candles are inspired by family memories and the places and people that shaped them. Each candle is poured into a reusable ceramic cylinder whether you’re inspired to cut some fresh flowers or grow a potted plant within after the candle has burned. The candles in this collection hold countless stories of travel, love and cherished memories. Each scent is named for locations held near to the makers’ hearts and is accompanied with an original poem and image meant to capture the ephemeral essence of these lands. `10 oz / 70 hour burn – $60     (Listed Below)





Cone Incense: These reusable tins contain 20 incense cones with a 20 minute burn time. An average sized room may hold the scent for 2-4 hours. $34      (Listed Below)



Sophisticated Incense, 40 sticks/box – $42 (30 minute burn time).  Sandalwood: 20 sticks / box – $50  (45 minute burn time).    (Listed Below)

Each incense distills distinct elements of place and environment into a balanced and modern scent. This incense is handmade and packed in the state of Florida. – $19(Chicago Only)




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