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Sprout Home has gathered some of our favorite items to make your time spent at home more thoughtful and enjoyable. This curated selection is a great place to find the perfect gift for any occasion with a focus on some of our top picks from our Kitchen & Table store:


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Whether you’re a seasoned chef or newly dedicating more time to cooking, these selections will assist in preparing a comforting meal or a quick single-serving of enjoyment. Featuring Baguette & Butter’s Field Guide series:  This helpful booklet, designed to fit in your shopping tote, will help you learn all about the local produce in your city. each produce has its own profile to help you identify, cook and pair it with other seasonal ingredients. Includes recipes, inspiration and more!


If you’re setting the scene for a party of one or a socially distanced gathering, these serving pieces and table accessories are a great way to plate, serve and appreciate:



…From preparation to tidying up in the kitchen and around the home, these tools and accessories are some we keep finding more uses for:



Complete your environment as home, office (or a combination of the two) with a delightful scent! Working from home? Switch gears when you’re work day is done. Lighting a candle or incense will remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be: Home.


Mixed and poured by hand in Chicago: Sprout Home soy wax candles by EINNIM capture the experience of stepping into our garden shop or our floral shop. Entirely natural and ethical: Two custom scents will bring to mind the fresh greens or beautiful petals each of our storefronts has to offer. This vessel may also be repurposed for a casual floral vase.


Here we feature hand-poured candles from Harlem Heirloom. Harlem Heirloom is an all natural fragrance company. Not only are these candles 100% soy, they are scented with plant-based essential oils. Soy wax is derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn with lead-free cotton core wicks. Harlem Heirloom candles are preservative and petroleum-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan.


Village Common: These Soy & Coconut base candles are inspired by family memories and the places and people that shaped them. Each candle is poured into a reusable ceramic cylinder whether you’re inspired to cut some fresh flowers or grow a potted plant within after the candle has burned. The candles in this collection hold countless stories of travel, love and cherished memories. Each scent is named for locations held near to the makers’ hearts and is accompanied with an original poem and image meant to capture the ephemeral essence of these lands. 100% natural ingredients and cruelty free: `10 oz / 70 hour burn.

Elegant Incense… $42

(40 sticks)


 Gifts for the gardener…


Tyler Thrasher’s Grow A Damn Journal: THE plant journal. One that can serve as your personal plant database while also offering helpful tips on things like pests, fertilizer, making the perfect soil, etc. Each journal includes over 100 entry pages to document and observe your plants through the lens of an excited and curious botanist while still leaving room for the individual grower!

 EINNIM soaps and self-care products are handmade in Chicago. Celebrate and encourage your own strength and resilience with these products which incorporate natural elements for holistic relaxation and wellness:


Hudson Valley Seed Company features hard-to-find seeds from their own organic farms, promoting healthy land stewardship and promoting crop diversity with these seed offerings. Each pack features unique artwork and artist information. Shown are gift packs and popular items, but you can also click here to view our full seed library. If you’re shopping in person, you’ll find these in our garden shop, but they make sure great gifts, we wanted to list them here:


Cozy blankets for every room:



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