Orchidaceae  (Orchid family)

The Orchidacaea or Orchid family incorporates thousands upon thousands of different plants, many of which are found commonly for use as houseplants. While each specific orchid type will have its particular needs, there are some general ideas that can lead to great success with your orchid growing.

Light: Many orchids will thrive in the brightest of light conditions, avoiding any prolonged exposure to direct sun rays. Instead, filtered sun or low-intensity sun rays will often encourage the best growth and best flowering cycle. 

Water: Thoroughly soak your orchids roots once every week to two weeks, depending on their environment and the specific needs of the plant.

Environment: Orchids typically do not grow in the ground, but rather will root themselves on a porous surface or grow their roots into a loose accumulation of organic matter. Because of this a planting medium of bark and other ingredients (a standard “orchid mix”) is typically suitable. Provide ambient humidity and avoid any hot or cold temperature extremes.

Toxicity: No toxicity reported

Of Note*:

  • Orchids will typically flower annually or with some kind of seasonal pattern.
  • Replace the potting medium annually, typically after a flower cycle. At this time you may remove any old root / foliage growth to make way for the next season’s growth. 

*It is advisable that orchids are always planted in a container with drainage and of a porous material.