Gardening for Abundance Book Signing with Brian Brigantti

Brian Brigantii, author of Gardening for Abundance, will join us at Sprout Home to share his enthusiasm and insight for an bountiful garden and an abundant life.


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About this experience

Sprout Home is excited to welcome gardener and homesteader Brian Brigantti. Join us as we celebrate the growing season with his new book Gardening for Abundance - stop by to meet the author, where you can also purchase a copy of this fantastic addition to your gardening library.

Gardening for Abunance is the perfect guide to "create a thriving vegetable garden right in your own backyard―all while giving you valuable insights into nourishing your soul through abundant living. Woven in with his own insights and experiences, Brian walks you through the process of starting an abundant garden from start to finish... Along the way, Brian shares his observations on the symbolism of gardening and the ways it can teach you about the joys of living a happier, more abundant life. Using only natural, chemical-free techniques that honor, respect and sustain the earth, Brian’s methods for cultivating a bountiful garden result in a cornucopia of homegrown vegetables and a deeper sense of connection with the earth your food and yourself."

Doors open at 10am and Brian will be eager to meet and greet as well as offer books for purchase. 12:30 - 1:30 will feature a reading from the author as well as a Q & A opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you!

No purchase is necessary, however booking this even will help us anticipate guest volume.