Dublin Planter and Saucer small


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The Dublin planter is a long-style planter meaning: More plants! The glaze is continued via a pattern across the corresponding drainage tray.  

  • Dimensions: exterior 14.5"L x 6" W x 5" H
  • Interior dimensions: 11.75"L x 3.5"W
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Drainage hole and saucer included

    Dieffenbachia - “Dumb Cane”

    Light: Dieffenbachia requires bright indirect light. They do not like a lot of hot, direct sunlight, as it will burn the leaves and cause the bright leaf color to fade. When the plant is not getting enough light, its leaves become small and begin to grow far apart on the stem. 

    Water: Water on a regular schedule, saturating the soil but allowing the excess water to drain well. Once the soil is dry about 2”-3” below the top, it is time to water again.

    Environment: They prefer living in temperatures above 60 degrees. The lower leaves will turn yellow when exposed to drafts from doors, windows, and air conditioners. Extra humidity is a plus, but dieffenbachia will also do well in basic household humidity.

    Toxicity: Reported to be toxic to cats and dogs. If the sap gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.

    Of Note:

    • Dieffenbachia likes to be a little pot-bound so its roots are contained snugly in the planter.
    Prune the canes to keep the plant bushy and prevent it from getting too top-heavy.
    *When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting. Printable Care Sheet

    Here are some things to consider when choosing the best pot for your plants.

    Drain hole vs. no drain hole

    A drain hole in your pot makes for easier water management as you have control over the amount of water that the plant receives.  

    We understand, however, that one might aesthetically prefer pots without saucers. For these instances where a cachepot (pot without drainage) is preferred, we recommend either keeping the plant in a grower’s pot for easy removal and water control, or potting in the cachepot by using a faux drainage layer to avoid overwatering. To plant with faux drainage, estimate 25% of the container's overall volume and fill the base with drainage material, such as lava rock, when planting. Please note that you can still overpour with water and not many plants like having wet feet. You will need to monitor your watering carefully to make sure the appropriate amount of water is provided. 


    Pottery is made from different types of materials and some may not be suitable for outdoor use. If using your pot outside, please make sure there’s ample drainage and that the pot can be used outdoors without fear of cracking due to the expansion and contraction of the soil during winter. If it’s not able to be outside for the winter, you’ll need to plan on storing it inside to avoid damage. Some material, such as terracotta, will naturally breath and change visual appearance or coloration when wet or over time.  


    Even if you have a saucer or you’re using a cachepot, there’s still a chance that there could be condensation at the bottom of  your container. It’s always recommended to use a floor pad underneath to protect the floor from rings.

    When to pot up: Choosing the right size

    Many times, your plant doesn’t need to be potted up — or at least not right away. If your plant doesn’t need more space right away, it’s OK to stick with a pot the same size or slightly larger than the grower’s pot or previous pot it was in. Do not downsize. If it’s  time to re-pot, we recommend going about 10–20% larger. Talk to us about your plant's needs if you’re unsure about whether or not to re-pot. Spring is a great time to repot or size up to allow for the natural flow of the plant's growth. 

    Please pay attention to the actual interior pot size listed to make sure it’s the desired size. As a grower's pot can vary in dimensions, your plant might have to be potted if the grower’s pot doesn’t fit exactly in the pot.

    For outdoor plants, you must take into consideration overwintering the plant to mimic in ground planting: more soil, more insulative properties. Speak to us about what plants might work well for overwintering outside.


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