Alsobia are a groundcover plant with small, slightly fuzzy leaves. Vines will root into the soil or otherwise tril over the end of the container. This is called a “stoloniferous” growth habit. Delightful white flowers resemble small carnations.

Light: Provide plentiful bright light, the brighter the better. Some filtered or low-intensity sun rays are also suitable.

Water: Keep the soil evenly-watered but never overly saturated.

Environment: Avoid cool spaces or drafts as this plant prefers warm/comfortable temperatures and stable humidity.

Toxicity: Listed as non-toxic on the ASPCA website.

Of Note:

  • Propagation is fun and easy from the points where the stolons root into the soil. 

*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting.