“Fan Palm” can refer to a number of different plants in the Arecaceae family that are palmately lobed meaning that they have a shape similar to your hand or, quite literally, a fan.

Light: Depending on the specific palm, they may prefer part-sun or full-sun.

Water: Typically these palms will like to be well watered, but allowed a partial dry time. A general rule will be to allow the top 25% of the soil to dry before thoroughly watering again. 

Environment: Humidity is preferred primarily by those palms with smooth, deep-green leaves. Overall, avoid any air disturbances such as from heating or cooling vents. Maintain average home temperatures. Use a coarse, well-draining potting soil. A blend of a succulent soil and standard potting soil often will work very well.

Toxicity: All true palms are reported to be non-toxic.

Of Note:

  • Broad leaves should be wiped routinely to keep them clean. Older leaves will eventually deplete and may be removed once faded.
  • Houseplant pests are inevitable, but treatable. Spray with an insecticidal soap monthly to keep pest populations low, or as needed to treat an infestation.

    *It’s most ideal to use a container with a drainage hole to allow water to escape.