Aglaonemas are an often colorful, easy-maintenance houseplant and will add an instant tropical accent to any arrangement.

Light: Plentiful bright indirect light is ideal, though most Aglaonema can grow suitably in somewhat softer, indirect natural light as well. 

Water: Allow Aglaonema to dry quite well before watering. They are prone to being overwatered and will rot if sitting in saturated soil. They are considered to be relatively drought-tolerant; if you forget to water this plant one week, it may wilt but will typically bounce back. 

Environment: Keep it away from drafty areas or heaters/ACs. Temperature should stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Toxicity: Moderately toxic to humans and animals. Avoid ingestion.

Of note: 

  • Commonly called “Chinese Evergreen” and considered an easy low light house plant.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Lighter varieties may need slightly more light.
Aglaonemas do produce an unimpressive flower but are mostly appreciated for their showy foliage.
*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting.