Cyclamen are a wonderful flowering plant to add to the home. They experience seasons just as our outdoor garden does, showing periods of both active flowering and growth as well as a rest period when they may be fully dormant.

Light: Very bright, but not direct light is ideal. This keeps plants lush and bushy.

Water: Allow the soil to dry 20-25% below the surface.

Environment: Grow Cyclamen in rich, nutritious soil. Cyclamen grow and flower in cooler temperatures, so their most active growth cycle is typically in autumn, winter and early spring. The warmth of a summer windowsill will encourage their dormancy. When all leaves have diminished from the tuberous growth point, you can store the plant away until autumn. Alternatively, they can remain out in the home, though their leaves may only be few or completely absent during their summer dormancy. Water only enough to keep the tuber from becoming desiccated.

Toxicity:  Reported to be toxic if ingested.

Of Note:

  • Flowers are plentiful and sweetly scented. The wait of this plant’s dormant period is certainly worth it!