Ficus lyrata 

AKA:  “Fiddle Leaf Ficus”

LIGHTING: Ficus lyrata prefer at least a  few hours of direct sun, or all-day  filtered direct sunlight. They do not thrive in low-light conditions and can burn if they get too much direct sun.

WATERING:  Water only when the top 15-20% of the soil feels dry, but it’s a good habit to at least check once a week, though it may not need water every week. When it is time to add water, add just enough to evenly moisten the soil without the soil becoming soggy or water-logged.

ENVIRONMENT: Prefers a warm and humid environment with plenty of light. Do not place it near an excessively drafty window or close to AC units or heat sources. Misting can be beneficial in the winter if the air is drier, as can a humidifier nearby. Focus misting when needed on new growth when emerging to prevent distorted leaves.


TOXICITY:  Toxic to cats and dogs. Not necessarily poisonous, just not edible. 


  • If the leaves begin to droop and become floppy, it probably means the plant needs water.
  • Fertilize gently once in the spring and a few times throughout the summer. Once a year, add a fresh top layer of nutrient-rich soil. 
Ficus do not like frequent environmental changes; allow it to settle in one spot.