(including many Primulina, Chirita and similar…)

Light: Plentiful bright, ambient light is typically sufficient for most. If leaves seem overly-dense or misshapen, then lighting may be too intense.  Most often near, but not in, a sunny window is ideal or placement toward the interior of an overall bright room is sufficient.

Water: Growing medium should be loose and light and watered fully after it has had a chance to dry. Soggy or damp conditions are not ideal.

Environment: Maintain humidity and balanced air flow, avoiding artificial drafts from household vents. Typically you’ll want to avoid water standing on the leaves. Feed routinely to support their flower cycle

Toxicity: Reported to be non-toxic.   

Of Note:

  • This is a wide group of plants with many growth habits and flower types. It’s a fun group to explore and collect! 

*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting.