Nematanthus -  “Goldfish”

Light: Nematanthus prefer very bright or filtered light. An east-facing window would be ideal with cool morning sun.

Water: During the summer, water generously and keep the soil continuously moist but never soggy. In the winter, cut back on the water and allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering. Though they are quite drought tolerant, try to avoid allowing the soil to go completely dry as this can lead to rapid leaf loss. Overwatering can cause leaves to blacken and fall off.

Environment: Though Nematanthus do prefer good humidity, they will tolerate drier air if well-watered. Keep away from AC/heat vents as well as drafty areas during freezing winter temperatures. Fertilize with an all-purpose water soluble fertilizer every 2–4 weeks during grow season, spring through fall. 

Toxicity: Slight toxicity

Of note: 

  • Avoid splashing the leaves while watering; instead, aim toward the soil directly.
  • Prune dead flowers regularly.
  • Adding a blooming fertilizer at the onset of flower buds can promote higher flower quantities.