Zantedeschia - “Calla Lily” 

Zantedeschia is a beautiful plant with fluted flowers that stand atop long green stems with glossy, green foliage. Commonly called ‘Calla Lily,’ these plants are native to southern Africa and can be found growing in a wide variety of habitats. These plants belong to the arum family and are often grown for use as a cut flower. 

Light: full sun to part shade. These plants prefer a cool sun. 

Water: During the growing season, keep the soil damp, but not wet and soggy. If the soil feels dry to the touch at one to two inches below the surface, that means it is time to water again. Do not allow this plant to go dry until the dormant season. These plants will need a dormancy period in winter. After blooming, reduce watering until the leaves turn yellow. When the leaves have withered, stop watering. Slowly start watering again in early Spring. 

Environment: Zantedeschia does well in average household temperatures. Keep away from blowing heat or a/c. When the plant has gone dormant, store in a dry, cool, dark place. In March, begin waking your plant by providing light and water. The bulb can be removed from the soil during this time or left in the pot as long as the soil is dry. Replace soil every two years for best results.

Toxicity: This plant is reported to be poisonous if ingested

Habit / SIze: Bushy, clumping plant with tall flower stalks. Approximately 20-30” tall. 

Of Note:

  • Zantedeschia flowers June- October with winter dormancy. 
  • The common name calla lily comes from the Greek word kallos meaning "beauty" or "a thing of beauty". These plants are not true lilies, but rather members of the arum family.

*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, help avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting.