Jewel Orchids (Ludisia, Macodes…) are tropical terrestrial orchids. This means they grow along the ground. In their native habitats this is a humid location under the shade of overhead trees and plants.

Light: Plentiful bright indirect natural light.

Water: Keep the planting mix evenly moist at all times, though any standing water should be avoided.

Environment: These terrestrial orchids prefer a rich planting medium and one really common mix is part potting soil and part orchid mix. Maintain ambient humidity and avoid any drafts from vents in the home or similar air disturbances that would dry their environment.

Toxicity: No toxicity reported

Of Note*:

  • Orchids will typically flower annually or with some kind of seasonal pattern.
  • Replace the potting medium annually, typically after a flower cycle. At this time you may remove any old root / foliage growth to make way for the next season’s growth. 

*It is advisable that orchids are always planted in a container with drainage and of a porous material.