Passiflora - “Passion Flower Vine” 


Passiflora, or commonly called "Passionflower Vine," is a striking plant in both its foliage and bloom. Green leaves and tendrils will twist and climb to showcase their wondrous flowers. The flowers are a real show with sculptural coronas. Once faded, seed pods will form, developing into the tasty passion fruit. 


Light: full-sun


Water: even moisture


Environment: Regular potting mix. 


Toxicity: Reported to be toxic, though fruits can be edible.


Habit / SIze: Mostly vines but some can be trees and shrubs depending on variety. The vines have tendrils to wrap around smaller structures for support, and these are the most common we grow in gardens and as houseplants.


Of Note:


  • Will most likely not fruit, at least to an edible stage, when used as a decorative houseplant in Chicago due to the shorter days and lack of full sun potential, but it has been known to happen…