Light: Saxifraga do best with bright indirect light, though some cool direct sun from an east-facing window is fine. 

Water: During the growing season, even moisture is preferred. Water thoroughly once the top 2-3 inches of the soil feels dry. Root rot can occur if the plant is left sitting in soggy soil for an extended period. Remove excess water from the saucer about an hour after watering thoroughly.

Environment: When you first bring it home, there may be an adjustment period resulting in leaf drop. Choose a spot for it with adequate light, away from heat or ac vents. Once you choose a good spot for it, do not move it around. Provide even warm temperatures (comfortable, average home temperatures are fine). Very cold drafts from a window in the winter can blacken the foliage. Ambient humidity is appreciated, but avoid getting moisture directly on the leaves.

Toxicity: Reported to be non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Of Note:

  • As their species name implies, offsets of new plants will be produced at the end of runners called “stolons.”
  • These may be propagated from the parent plant or allowed to cascade like a hanging vine..
  • While nicknamed a “strawberry begonia” it is neither a strawberry nor a begonia, rather these common names are attributed to its appearance and habit.