Chela Planted Terrarium Large


A miniature ecosystem of your own.  Terrariums are a wonderful way to spotlight a collection of plants that are housed together as one landscape.  

The Chela planted terrarium is planted with foliage that does well in part shade to shade.  Likes the high humidity.  Like taking a stroll through the forest. 

Images are used for inspiration only. As plant availability changes daily, the plants we use will vary. While we do our best to accommodate any special requests, we cannot guarantee exact availability. Each terrarium is a custom design.

  • Terrarium Size: approx. 14.20" H x 7.50" D
Terrarium Care
Tropical, Mossy or "Woodsy" Terrariums

Light Needs: Bright to Medium Indirect Light
-Northern or Eastern exposure/Set back from Western or Southern exposure.

- We recommend using the directional stream of a spray bottle to water terrariums. This way, you are able to better control the amount of water that goes in, eliminating worries of over-watering. The amount of water is relative to the size of the terrarium.
- Pay attention to the soil. It will lighten slightly when moisture has left it. However, the best way to tell if your terrarium needs water is to actually feel the soil with your fingers. If you feel moisture, let the plants be. If the soil is dry, you may add a little bit of water at the base of each thirsty plant.
- Generally speaking, newer terrariums will probably need a small amount of water added once per week. Once the roots have established themselves, water might need to be added closer to every ten days or so. Make sure you do a soil test first!
- Despite being planted together, some plants may need water when others do not. This means that each plant should be treated individually within the terrarium if they are to be grown together. Some plants (such as pilea and peperomia varieties) have slightly succulent leaves and will prefer a drying time between watering. Plants such as ferns and moss will prefer to stay moist.
- Humidity is key for tropical terrariums. If your terrarium seems to be lacking humidity, place a clear plate or similar item over the opening for a day or two in order to contain some humidity within the vessel.
- Covered terrariums should be left open for at least one full day per week for air circulation. Just like us, plants need to breathe. If you notice condensation building up on the glass, remove the cover and air it out. Otherwise leaves may begin to rot.

Trouble Notes:
- Yellow leaves indicate over-watering
- Brown, crispy leaves indicate under-watering
- Brown tips on leaves indicate a lack of humidity

Printable Care Sheet


Terrarium Care Basics

Our terrariums are potted by our Sprout Home designers to match the your lighting situation. The plants that are selected for your terrarium will be chosen due to their willingness to cohabitate with each other in both style and function.  Care between a lower light foliage terrarium and a high light desert terrarium will vary.  As our plant selection varies daily, each terrarium is custom built and plants and design will be completely unique. 

While the plants and style of terrariums differ, the basic mechanics of terrariums are the same. The gravel or lava rock on the bottom provide a drainage area as for excess water.  When you water, once you see a slight amount of water enter this chamber, stop watering. The next layer up is charcoal which aides in drainage and cleanliness of your terrarium. On top of the charcoal is a layer of  soil in which the plants are planted.  On top of the soil there might be a decorative top dressing.  Make sure that when you check the moisture levels you check underneath the decorative top dressing to get a real feel.  

Plants will grow over time so pruning or pinching back will be needed if you wish to keep them as compact as possible. 

Desert - Full Sun to Part Sun

Desert terrariums are planted with various succulents and cactus.  Replicating the environment that they are accustom too is key to having your terrarium be happy and healthy.  Let them dry out in between watering and give them full to part sun (at least 4 hours or more of intense direct).  Do not mist or provide extra humidity. 

Foliage - Part Shade to Shade

Foliage terrariums are planted with various leafy based plants.  Replicating the environment that they are accustom too is key to having your terrarium be happy and healthy.  Foliage terrariums will need to range from even moisture (without being wet) to dry to the touch. Give them part to full shade (bright filtered light to a pinch of non intense direct sun).  Plant needs will vary slightly. As you get to know them, you will discover each individual needs.  Mist as needed, especially if you have fern or moss varieties in your terrarium. 


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