There may be a chill in the air, but Spring is a-comin' — we promise! On these gray and snowy days, find solace in brainstorming your 2023 bounty. 

The outdoor garden at Sprout Home is already prepping for early Spring offerings. Starting in April (weather dependent — manifest that warm front), you can find outdoor plants, spring annuals, pots, tools, and more green goodness in our yard. 

See you in 2023!

*Selection changes daily.

Get your fall annuals in Chicago at Sprout Home for the 2022 autumn season

Sprout Home outdoor yard in mid may looking toward the glass doors from the yard flanked with plants on either side.

The Sprout Home yard in May with a pink open rose in the top right corner of the picture.

Full table of perennials with different shades of green forming a blanket of green at Sprout Home in May

an image from the Sprout Home outdoor yard looking towards the glass doors of the building through a sea of plants.

A doubled up age of magenta annuals in the background and green perennials in the foreground in May at Sprout Home in the yard.

The Sprout Home Yard May looking over a table of perennialsThe Sprout Home yard in May looking towards the glass door of the building with white Clematis on the table.

Doubled up hexagonal tables full of colorful annuals in the Sprout Home yard in May