Light: Abutilon generally prefer full sun to part shade indoors. An east-facing window is ideal. In a south- or west-facing window, they might need some midday protection in summer months. 

Water: Even moisture to slightly dry to the touch. They appreciate reduced watering and some additional humidity during the winter months.  

Environment: They don't mind being in a cooler room in the house. Keep away from heating/AC vents. Feed your flowering maple houseplant every two weeks with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during spring through fall. In winter, when growth has slowed down, reduce feeding to once a month.

Toxicity: Reported to cause skin irritation in some. No information on pets.

Of Note:

  • Color of the flower can vary depending on variety
  • Use a porous soil with good drainage; a container with a drainage hole is ideal
  • Pruning: late winter / early spring to control shape
  • Gets its nickname from the maple-like leaves