Citrus x limon/aurantifolia/aurantium - “Lemon/Lime/Orange” etc.

Light: Most citrus trees require 8-12 hours of sunlight daily. It's best to position them beside a bright south-facing window and/or move them outside during the summer.

Water: Keep soil moist, allowing it to dry out 1-2” below the surface between waterings. Citrus trees require soil that is moist but never soggy (should feel like a wrung-out sponge). It is better to do infrequent deep waterings rather than frequent shallow waterings. Let the soil dry to a couple of inches deep, and then water thoroughly until water seeps out of the drainage holes in the bottom of your pot. 

Environment: Dwarf citrus plants prefer mild temperatures between 55-85 degrees and dislike abrupt temperature shifts. Make sure to place them away from any drafts or heat sources. In winter plants may lose some or most of their leaves due to the transition of light and temperature, but if kept in a sunny window they should stabilize with time. 

Toxicity: Citrus plants are reported to be toxic to cats and dogs

Of Note:

  • Use a slightly acidic loam-based potting soil and make sure the container you are using has good drainage.
  • Citrus trees do not go dormant like many other plants, so they need sufficient light and some humidity even during the winter months.
  • It is a good idea to use an all-purpose or acid-loving plant fertilizer that supplies at least a 2-1-2 ratio during the spring and summer.