Cyathea cooperi
(and other “Tree Ferns”)

Light: Tree ferns do best in the very brightest but indirect light..

Water: Keep the soil damp, but not wet and soggy; most ferns like evenly moist soil. The soil just below the surface may feel dry, but this also will indicate that you should water soon. Maintaining even soil moisture is the goal. You can pour water down the trunk of the plant as well, as this root extension will also appreciate the dose of moisture.

Environment: These plants like to be warm and humid. Average household temperatures are typically ideal, but be sure to avoid drafts from heating or cooling. Forced air such as this is also drying. Providing a humidifier or misting very routinely will be incredibly helpful.

Toxicity:  Reported to be non-toxic 

Of Note:

  • Many ferns depend on associations with mycorrhizal fungi. Due to the fern’s love of humidity, you may see mushrooms pop up in the soil occasionally. This is normal, but if you ever see mold or fungus covering the soil, you may need to increase air flow around the plant.