Euphorbia tirucalli - “Pencil Cactus,” Euphorbia ingens- “Candelabra Tree,” &

Euphorbia trigona - “African Milk Tree” - Most Euphorbia sp.

Light: Prefers direct sun. Euphorbia are an excellent choice for a sunny window (usually south- or west-facing). Rotate the plant periodically for balanced growth and even color development.

Water: Only water once the soil is nearly or completely dry. During the winter they will need watering less frequently as they go mostly dormant. 

Environment: Euphorbia thrive in a dry environment and prefer temperatures 60-70 degrees or higher. Use a well draining cacti/succulent potting mix and plant in a container just slightly larger than its’ current container 

Toxicity: Higher toxicity to cats, dogs, and humans. If the milky white sap gets on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water as the sap can be irritating. 

Of Note:

  • Some varieties of pencil cactus exhibit vibrant colors when placed in a sunny location. More sun leads to more color.
  • The candelabra tree bears needle-like barbs which can hurt if pricked, so handle with caution. It is recommended to wear gloves for protection..
  • Overwatering your euphorbia can cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off the plant.
Leaves may be appear seasonally
*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting.