Ficus lyrata 'Little Fiddle' standard form 12"

Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as the "Fiddle Leaf Fig", is a great houseplant if you are in to huge leaves.  If you wished you had a Fiddle Leaf Fig but wished the leaves were smaller and more compact, the "Little Fiddle" is for you.  Although it does not provide you with an edible fig, it still has a lot to give by way of stature.  Natively grown in lowland tropical rainforests.  Leaves can be different in shape between plants but mostly resemble, you guessed in - a fiddle.  This plant has been trained in to a standard tree form with  a single trunk. 
  • Light - full to part sun
  • Watering - dry down 5 - 10%
  • Soil - potting mix

Images are used for general reference only. The size and shape of each plant will vary. As will bloom state. 


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