Agave undulata - 6"


Agave undulata forms a low, broad spreading rosette of thick, wavy-edged,  leaves. Foliage usually has a distinct pattern or color. Agave are durable, drought resistant plants that provide stunning contrast in the garden as a seasonal feature or indoors as a houseplant. This plant makes a statement on its own or used in groupings.

  • Light - Direct sunlight indoors-part shade outdoors.
  • Soil - Well drained cactus/succulent mix
  • Watering -Water deeply when fully dry
  • Propagation- As the plant grows it can produce new rosette offsets or “pups” around its base. Leave the pups to root and cluster or gently pull them off and transplant them elsewhere.

Images are used for general reference only. The size, shape and color variation of each plant will vary. After several years of growth, a plant can send up a bloom stalk of branching, inflorescences. 


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