Maranta "Prayer Plant" 8"HB


Maranta, commonly known as prayer plant is is a species of flowering plant in the family Marantaceae. It gets its common name from the fact that its leaves stay flat during the day and then fold up like praying hands at night. The prayer plant is one of the most distinguishable tropicals, thanks to its beautiful decorative leaves. 

  • Light - bright indirect sunlight-partial shade
  • Watering - even moisture, allow soil to dry slightly between waterings
  • Soil - well drained all purpose potting mix
  • Humidity. - prefers high humidity
  • Toxicity - non toxic to pets

Species and coloration can vary.  If you do have a preference in species and/or coloration we ask that you come visit us at the store to hand select the one of your liking.  When placing the order online we will select one for you and can not guarantee an exact variety.

Images are used for general reference only. The size and shape of each plant will vary. As will bloom state.

Maranta leuconeura - “Prayer Plant”

Light: Maranta is naturally a low growing plant, lending it to do best in bright, ambient light conditions. Too much direct sunlight should be avoided, as it bleaches the dramatic colors of the leaves. 

Water: The maranta prefers evenly moist soil. It is okay for the first inch of soil to dry out, but ensure consistent moisture (not full saturation) to avoid wilting. Do not leave plants sitting in water. Mist leaves for ambient humidity. 

Environment: Native to Brazil, the prayer plant thrives in humid, warm conditions. It will not survive below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Toxicity: Reported to be non-toxic

Of Note:

  • The prayer plant is named after its unique behavior of folding its leaves at sundown (the folding resembles praying hands). This behavior is an evolutionary characteristic influenced by its native habitat where most predators are active at night in the cooler temperatures. The folding leaves resemble a dead plant, discouraging predators from taking a bite. 
  • The maranta is a beautiful hanging plant that grows like philodendron and pothos, shooting leaves from the stem tips as it grows downward. 
If you notice your maranta crisping at the leaf edges or consistently drying out too fast, consider placing it on a “humidity tray” constructed of a plastic drainage pot and moistened volcanic rocks. Ask us for help creating one!
*When planting in a pot without a drainage hole, avoid over watering by estimating 25% of the container’s overall volume, with appropriate drainage materials incorporated when planting. Printable Care Sheet


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