Palm Spear Light Peach Pastel Preserved Bunch


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Wide, bold, and graphic, this bunch of peach pink dried Palm Spears add fun texture to dried floral arrangements or adds visual interested to your space on their own. Naturally preserved and dyed in Spain.

  • Length: approx. 20" 
  • Stems per bunch: 10
  • Suitable for indoor use only

    Images are used for general reference only. The size, shape, coloration and quantity of stem will vary

    So, you want a plant but don't want to take care of it? Not about to go down the silk or plastic road?  We have the solution. Our preserved floral has been preserved with non-toxic glycerin. Then they can go through a number of steps to achieve the look and color that you see. In some cases they have been just preserved, whilst others have been bleached to remove its natural color and others have been dyed. In many cases, bunches have been through all three of the above treatments. They can be cut to your desired length. 
    • Care Tips: Bunches and arrangements are made with with natural floral and foliage that has been treated. They are long lasting but will eventually degrade. For many varieties that could mean years.....  There will be shedding with the material especially in the grass and finer foliage varieties.  Keep preserved floral out of direct sun, having them in direct sun will bleach the material over time. Do not get dried floral wet. If water accidentally comes in contact please dry immediately and allow ample air flow to assist in the drying process. Clean the surface in which came in contact with the material as dye could leach and stain. 
    • Preserved Floral Arrangements: Images of dried floral arrangements are used for inspiration. Our dried floral arrangements will use a prescribed selection of material but in the case where a certain flower/foliage selection is unavailable the flowers we use could vary. Our talented designers will put together an arrangement within the color palette and price point desired using their discretion of arrangement shape and form. While we do our best to accommodate any special requests, we cannot guarantee exact availability. 
    • Preserved Floral Arrangements Special Orders: Sprout Home is happy to accommodate larger orders than what is shown online for local delivery or pick up. For larger orders in Chicago, please call us at 312.226.9650


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